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A month together in Upper El! (9/14-9/18)

This past Thursday marked one month since we began school. Our class reflected on how quickly time is passing, but how it also feels as if we've been together for much longer than that! We've truly grown so close as a class, and I adore each of your children. I missed them during our virtual day on Thursday, but felt that we had a really productive day of remote learning!

We enjoyed some cooler mornings this week, and students were appreciative of their individual blankets, as pictured on the front page of our newsletter! I reminded the class to begin dressing in layers, and to double check that they have extra clothing in their lockers.

As we enter this week, students will be working hard to edit and revise their personal narratives, to create a project sharing information gathered while reading their biographies, and to publish their zines while incorporating important nonfiction text features. Whenever we finish long-term projects, I like to give our class the opportunity to share their hard work with each other. I also allow them to plan a class celebration. We held a party-planning dialogue on Friday, and the class will continue a discussion of how they'd like to celebrate tomorrow in class. I'll email you the plan!

Please enjoy our below newsletter with more highlights from this week! Double-check the conference schedule that I've included, ensuring that I recorded our conference time down correctly.

Have a super week!

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