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A week of visitors and time to close out January and see if the Groundhog's prediction is correct!

What a wonderful week we had, such a great time of year, everyone working well and understanding the expectations of being in DGS. One friend told me this week that he had taught his Dad the golden rule....."treat others like you want them to treat you". (words to live by for sure).

Kindergarten have been working on multiplication....skip counting (beginning multiplication), multiplication board and multiplication with the decimal system. They are progressing well with their independent reading and their writing skills are showing such growth.

All of the children are working on their individual sewing projects for the art auction and they are absolutely precious, I can't wait for you to see them. Everyone is working independently and it is wonderful to see them interested in some of the more challenging works.....nothing more exciting than seeing them make their own connections within the works.

In the past couple of weeks we have had so many visitors....6 altogether. Everyone is anxious to be a part of our community and who could blame them. The children that come to visit our community are so amazed with the works that the children are involved in as you can see in the pictures attached (that is if I can successfully attach them). While all children love to play, they are also so eager to engage in real life tasks and are extremely capable of doing them.

Valentines day is coming up. You are welcome to send in valentines for your child to share with their friends. Please do not individually address them (we will end up having to sort through 256 cards and please do not send in cards that have any candies attached.

Looking forward to talking with you all in a couple of weeks regarding your child's progress. Despite the brief snow we had on Friday (blink and you would miss it), it promises to be a wonderfully warm week and we will take full advantage of it. Hope you all get good opportunities to do so also.

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