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Bee Amazing!

This week as we observed wasps appearing, we read a book about ‘the honeybee’. We learned the honeybee is a truly remarkable creature, who works so hard and has such responsibility. We also learned what the world would be like without honeybees 😱 Most importantly we found out how we can be helpful to the honeybee. (One of the Kindergarten students asked if I would share this with parents….out if the mouths of babes)


If you are asked to plant flowers and herbs wherever you can,

To welcome weeds and wild plants

Or buy honey from local beekeepers

Or not to be afraid of bees or

to tell congress you love bees and To help ban pesticides you will understand why!

We have been practicing hard for the Literary Tea and are so excited to perform our poem for you on Thursday March 17th at 5pm on Davidson Green.

Ms. Kathleen led the children in silent meditation this week and it was a wonderful experience for all.

The children have finished their art auction individual sewing projects and they are amazing!

Have a great weekend.

The Primary Team

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