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The votes were counted and by a small margin Apple won our election!!!

This week we had lots to discuss. We talked about 'voting day', what it means and how people vote, what they vote for etc. Then we brought it down to our level. Apple, Orange and Banana were up for election....what attributes they have as a healthy snack and each child voted separately for the best tasting candidate. Apple won by just 2 votes.

Veterans Day is not the easiest to talk about without someone feeling anxious but we managed to discuss it a little, more in terms of Veterans being really good helpers. This led into a separate discussion (as many things do) about community helpers!

We started working on our winter holiday project also this week because before you know it....winter will begin. We have been discussing and reading about what animals do to get ready for winter.

Kindergarten made cornbread muffins yesterday and shared them with everyone this morning!

One more week until Thanksgiving break....where has the time gone? I suppose when I think about that I realize it has gone into routines, work and play as it should and as visitors will soon begin to visit us for next year....the progress that has been made will become even more obvious!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

The Primary Tean

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