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Chinese New Year

It felt like we had two weeks of work in one week but maybe that's because last week was so short with conferences.!

Erin (Percy's mom) gave a wonderful presentation for Chinese New Year this morning. Her presentation included legends and folklore surrounding the origin and traditions of this Spring Festival/Lunar New Year. She showed us some Chinese money, shared the Chinese Zodiac and how the written language has evolved. Erin studied Chinese in college and lived in China for five years so she spoke beautifully to us in Chinese, and shared some children's songs and some of her experiences with us. The children got to color in their own zodiac and good fortune symbol and eat dumplings that she prepared for us in our classroom. She left some works for us to explore and also brought gifts to us: oranges and paper lanterns. It was an incredible experience and we are so grateful to Erin for sharing her time and experiences with us.

Kindergarten continue with their study of North America. They learned about different foods that have become a staple of this continent and the children chose to make Mac and Cheese. The question was whether or not to add breadcrumbs to it before it went into the oven. Most decided they didn't want breadcrumbs, so we decided to put half with breadcrumbs and half without. Lo and behold the breadcrumbs were a hit....

The chick eggs arrived yesterday and are nestled safely in the incubator....20/21 days to possible cheeping. Of course we are learning about the whole Chick Life Cycle and so each day a different child opens one the eggs from our chick life cycle work to find out what stage of development is happening. This is such a wonderfully concrete experience for them!

I love January in our classroom for this reason; the children are settled and engaged in their works, so much is happening and it is all quite magical to experience.

Have a great weekend!

The Primary Team

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