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Criss cross apple sauce

How do we count the ways in which Primary is a team?

This week I was especially grateful to Ms. Judith & Ms. Belkis for carrying on flawlessly while I was out for 3 days with a sinus infection. They did an extraordinary job as they always do and it made me ponder on the question that one of the youngest asked me upon my return…”why did you come back”? I wonder if that child thought I had just moved on? Clearly everything went smoothly from his perspective 😆

The children continue to go from strength to strength and a lot of work is being accomplished.

Kindergarten spent the afternoon cooking yesterday. They peeled, chopped and prepared apples for applesauce which was enjoyed this morning by all of our students. It was a simple recipe made only with 3 ingredients::

apples (4 Granny Smith & 4 Macintosh)

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

1 cup of water.

it was delicious and had no added sugar!!!

We had our first fire drill this morning and despite the loudness, all went well.

We have secured a date for our first field trip to Carrigan Farms. It will be on Monday October 18th. This will be a drop off event at 9am and pick up from the farm at 1pm. More details will follow But the children will not come to school that morning, they will meet us at the farm instead. This will be such a fun event!

I hope everyone enjoys the last weekend in September and is ready to embrace Fall.

The Primary team:

Ms. Collette

Ms. Judith &

Ms. Belkis

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