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Fabulous Field Trip

This week we had three birthday celebrations. We celebrated Nora’s 6th birthday, Conrad & Jackies’s 5th birthday and Desmond’s 4th birthday. So much to celebrate!!!

What a week of incredible weather, Kindergarten spent their afternoon on Thursday doing all of their work in the newly created space in the woods. What a sweet and peaceful place it is!

Of course the highlight of our week was the trip to Fisher Farm. The day was magnificent, Ms. Kathleen led us on a magical journey through the woods sharing with us her knowledge about flowers and plants as she went! Everyone had a wonderful time and it’s amazing how far they can walk when there is lots to observe!

Amphibians, their lifecycles, habitats and more are peaking our interest right now and how cool it was for Desmond to find a toad on our field trip! Reptiles are literally not out of the woods…everyone enjoyed watching a black ‘rat’ snake climb an enormous tree during our recess this week!

Not to be left out….the hungry caterpillars adorning one of our shelves in the classroom are very active and are growing right before our eyes as they munch their way towards their next stage of metamorphosis.

The year begins its wind down as we pick pictures for the yearbook, make plans for Mother’s and Fathers Day and celebrate the huge transformation that has happened before our very eyes and will continue to the end of this school year…so much growth in so many ways.


Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

Ms. Collette & Ms. Judith

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Love all the nature and life connecting to the classroom. Toads to Caterpillars. Awesome!!

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