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Fishing for worms

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Ms. Paula introduced the children to the catfish and the worms in the dome. There were so many oooh’s and aaah’s as the catfish appeared for food and the worms were uncovered in their bins. The children were so interested in learning about the worms and fish!

This week we introduced conflict resolution by reading about the peace rose and demonstrating it‘s use. We have a little peace rose table in our classroom and the children are invited to take the peace rose from there and take turns holding the peace rose, discussing their problems while they hold it. After they each air their grievance, they hold it together and declare ‘friends’. All any of us really need is an opportunity to be heard and understood.

We also introduced the concept of silence to the children, what it means and how it makes us feel. As we move further along with this concept we will help the children understand how to make silence and what that can bring to their lives.

Thank you for all the sign ups to the sign up genius for flowers and food prep/cooking ingredients. lt Is truly appreciated! I will be sending an email shortly about the upcoming field trip and a few other things!

Have a great weekend!

The Primary Team.

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