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Future Peacemakers

This week we welcomed a new friend into our community. Nora, who is three and from California officially joined us today! We are very excited to have her in our group!

Lots of events this week, yesterday we learned what Veteran's Day is, and why we honor it and our Veterans. We learned about the significance of Poppies and we honored all Veterans by keeping silent for a minute. We discussed why there are conflicts in our world and how we deal with conflicts within our community. We discussed the fact that the children are the future peacemakers! Kindergarten made their own poppies.

Today we celebrated the Fall Festival, the children learned about different Fall celebrations across the world and had lots of fun participating in different crafts and games.

The addition of mulch to the lower field made a fun morning for everyone! Kindergarten learned that a verb is the ‘energy’ in a sentence and also began to learn how to tell time.

Kindergarten have two upcoming field trips, one on November 29thand one on December 10th, check the blog for permissions slips.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

The Primary Team

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