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If I was a reptile which one would I be?

We had an interesting week with so many children out sick. We certainly hope we can get through the next six weeks all feeling well!

Who knew there are so many different kinds of reptiles? We have been researching and learning about different kinds of cold blooded creatures, their habitats and their function. Then we decided based on what we learned, what kind of reptile we would be and why? We got some very interesting answers from having venom to being able to hide in your house, and the ability to have adhesive feet like the gecko and to change color like the chameleon.

Everyone should hopefully have seen the email regarding our awesome upcoming trip to Rocky Creek Ranch on June 6th. It is an amazing space with over 500 acres of pure peace and an incredible way for us to wind down our year.

This week half of our Kindergarten students visited Lower Elementary for the morning and it was a happy and successful visit for all involved. The other half will visit this coming Wednesday. This is a great time of year as we observe each group enter a new plane of development and prepare for the next level. It is also a poignant time as for most of our Kindergarten students have spent three years with us. Some of these students are also siblings, so they have been dropping off older siblings and have been around us for many years.

It was lucky for us that Stone soup happened last week and not this week with so many friends sick. It has been strange this week not practicing for it.....the children really enjoyed working towards this performance and they really did an exceptional job! Next week we have Ms. Erin (Percy's mom) coming to share something special with us!

Looking forward to seeing everyone back and rested next week. Have a great weekend!

The Primary Team

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