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If we teach it, they will come!

This week we began learning about reptiles. What is a reptile? What do they look like? What do they eat? Where do they live? The very morning we began, a green Anole appeared on the perfect! We have learned that there are 10,000 species all over the world except Antarctica. We also learned about brumation.....what a wonderful word. Reptiles just find a place where the temperature stays above freezing and go into a sleep-like state called when it is very cold, then they stay there until the weather warms up!

We are noticing all the signs of Spring that are popping up all around us, the budding trees, flowers and the incredible activity of the the is such a magical time of year and a joy to share it with children.

Lots of sewing going on this week as we work on projects for the art auction. Hand sewing has always been a favorite of mine for all of Primary. A child's hands play an important role in improving cognitive skills and making connections in the brain. Maria Montessori wrote "the hand is the instrument of the mind". She recognized the importance of the hands as the tool that can make what the mind sees as real. It is so interesting to watch the progression from a three year old sewing to a Kindergartener who has been sewing for three years....the progress is truly incredible.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Ms. Collette & Ms. Judith

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