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It's fall y'all!

We have been appreciating all the gifts that fall offers us (minus the cooler weather) and clear to see from one of our pictures a pile of leaves provides so much enjoyment! As does rolling a log downhill and carting it back up again. So much imaginative play happens in the woods, it is magical!

Kindergarten is diving deep into the solar system and is finding it fascinating. We are exploring our place in space, what our planet is made of and why it is habitable.

This week we had such a fun time visiting with and feeding the catfish in the dome, checking out the compost worms, and seeing how hard they work! We also got to check out the chicks (there are now four) and the rabbits!

Students from Upper Elementary have been dropping by daily to read to the students and the children are really enjoying it.

The daily interest in the construction outside our window is huge and what an experience to see the daily developments. It is fascinating for us and the children LOVE it! The fact that our 'new classroom' is now becoming a reality is so exciting!!!

The children make so many new discoveries and connections daily and it never gets old seeing the look on their faces when they make these discoveries and connections.

We are super excited about our field trip next week, it will be such an exciting and fun experience for them. If you have not yet filled out the permission slip, please be sure to do so this weekend.

Picture day is Monday the 18th and make-up day for anyone absent is Wednesday the 20th. The children will then be off school until Tuesday, October 26th.

Have a great weekend.

The Primary Team

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