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Keep on Growing

When it’s spring at DGS, do as the plants — and grow. And harvest. And plant the seeds of future growth! As the campus is enveloped in the fully expanded leaves of our wonderful tree canopy, we've noticed the changing light, shadow, temperature, and air. Those campus plants are furiously growing, while at the same time our winter greens - both in aquaponic system and raised bed - have circled to the end of their life cycles, and have been eagerly harvested. Farmers market plants have been transplanted and grown so quickly, we've had to pinch some back! The plants will put out side growth and we get fresh-snipped herbs.

Lower El showed some great teamwork in forming a self-created assembly line when harvesting our giant Tuscan kale and collards from the aquaponic beds. We compared the growth of the greens to that in the raised beds - and the aquaponic plants were much more lush and did not bolt (go to seed) as quickly. Four big grocery bags stuffed full of greens were donated to Ada Jenkins food pantry. We harvested from the "wild", as well, learning to identify wild plantain and violets with certainty. We foraged, wilted, chopped, and began the infusion in olive oil that will be the base for next year's boo-boo balm.

After a few unexpected delays, Upper Elementary shared their knowledge and feelings about climate change through the power of their voices. Davidson College environmental activists from the Sunrise club visited and interviewed our students as the culmination of this multi-session unit of study. We recorded the interviews around this global issue - their voices are honest and impactful - and I hope to be able to share an edited version soon. Of course, there is always plant and farm work this time of year. UE did the actual planting of the herbal extravaganza containers for the art auction and the results spoke for themselves.