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Liquid, solid or gas?

What if it was all of those things and ended up being something yummy! Yesterday we made jello, we discussed how when the kettle was boiled it gave off steam…an invisible gas. Then we observed how when the boiling water was poured into its container, the steam quickly made contact with colder air and became tiny droplets of water called water vapor. Then we observed (from a safe distance) the boiling water dissolve the jello crystals into a liquid. We then noticed how water takes on the shape of its container, which in this case was a brain jello mold. Finally this morning we observed how the liquid transformed into a solid when it was refrigerated over night! What else could we do then but eat the solid ‘brain’….some loved it and others not so much! Everyone loved the fact that it jiggled!

Valentines Day is two weeks from Monday. All children are welcome to bring in valentine cards, if they choose to they must have one for every child (16 total). The cards should not have a name on the envelope or the card. It makes it easy for the child to distribute on circle and they love to act as post person! Also no candy on the cards please.

Lots of fun works going on; baby washing, nutmeg grinding and coffee grinding to mention a few.

Looking forward to talking with everyone next week. Don’t forget to send in washed egg shells if you have any for mortar and pestle work!

Enjoy the snow AGAIN!

The Primary Team

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