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Lower Elementary April 12-16: Raptor Mania, Pickled Cactus and Literary Tea!

We began the week with the Fourth Great Lesson: The Story of Writing. We learned about cuneiform, hieroglyphs, Chinese characters, the Phoenician alphabet and more. We celebrated Emi's seventh birthday on Monday with a Sun Celebration and a glitter balloon pop. On Wednesday we had an amazing time at the Carolina Raptor Center. We saw so many beautiful birds and learned so many interesting facts. The children drew lots of birds in their journal and enjoyed our hike to the lake. On Thursday, we began Spanish lessons with Mr. Jeff. The children were very engaged and he brought pickled cactus from Mexico that the children got to taste and enjoy. Literary Tea was a huge success and we are so amazed by the children's writing and presentation skills. Thank you to all the parents that attended and brought snacks. We ended the week with our Writer's Workshop. We reviewed how to use a thesaurus, brainstorming techniques, spelling, capitalization, punctuation and editing skills. The children worked very hard and produced some lovely work.

Have a joyful weekend,

Ms. Erin and Ms. Paula

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