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Lower Elementary April 19-23: Caring for our Earth and our Earth Day Baby!

We had a very diligent and busy week in Lower Elementary! We have been studying types of clouds, the water cycle, new math concepts and new geometry concepts. Art Club with Amoun and Ms. Maya was really good fun. The highlight of our week was Earth Day on Thursday. We began the day with an amazing mindfulness walk to the outdoor classroom. Ms. Paula led an activity where we all tossed a string and spoke grateful thoughts. The string created a web to remind us how everything in nature is connected and how our Lower El community is connected. We discussed the origins of Earth Day and talked about how Earth Day is a lifestyle and requires constant effort to make a difference. We celebrated our "Earth Day Baby," Ms. Paula, with a sun celebration and a glitter ballon pop. Happy happy birthday Ms. Paula! We created some lovely Earth inspired crafts to finish off the afternoon. Wishing you all a peaceful weekend full of kindness and love.

In perseverance,

Ms. Erin and Ms. Paula

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