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Lower Elementary October 26-30: Baby Chicks, Field Trips, Pumpkins and Halloween!

It has been a week of excitement in our class! We were able to observe our chicks hatching in real time on Monday. SO cute and so fun! On Tuesday and Wednesday the groups went on their walking field trips with Ms. Kathleen and Ms. Paula to Davidson Greenway. The children were very well-behaved and returned full of appreciation for nature and inspired to do more research about the natural world. We continued our Frida Kahlo study on Monday with an introduction to understanding facial proportions and how to create a self-portrait. The children were so diligent and creative!

For language we began our newly arranged spelling groups and for math we continued to engage with our Montessori materials and our new equation cards. Fraction equivalency and the Geometric Stick Box were also popular choices this week.

For Botany this week we opened pumpkins and scooped out the seeds while reviewing the life cycle of the pumpkin. We roasted and enjoyed the seeds today as part of our awesome Halloween celebration! The socially distanced costume parade was hilarious and the afternoon activities and treats were so much fun! We had an abundance of amazing snacks to share. We doubt the children will have much of an appetite tonight but that's part of the crazy fun of Halloween. Thank you all for your generous and creative contributions. We appreciate our DGS parents and feel your love and support! Have a safe and spooky Halloween weekend!

Ms. Erin and Ms. Paula

P.S. It is a full Blue Moon tomorrow night so if the children are up a bit later than usual make time to point it out to them!

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