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Lower Elementary, September 21-25: birthdays, blooms, and one very long black strip!

It's hard to believe we've just completed our 6th week together. If that weren't reason enough to celebrate, we enjoyed three birthdays this week . Wishing a very happy birthday to Olivia, Elle, and Ms. Erin!

There must be something in the fall air that speaks "math", because the children have been abuzz laying out bead chains, solving trinomial cubes, and soaking up Ms. Erin's introduction to the Dot Game. It's so exciting to see the power of these Montessori materials in action!

Grammar this week focused on the preposition and conjunction. We are closing in on our review of all the parts of speech and look forward to the fun of decoding (diagramming) sentences.

Ms. Erin read aloud a beautifully illustrated book about the life and art of Pablo Picasso. His early expressions of cubism drew a lot of interest, and several children got right to work experimenting with color in a black line version of one of his paintings.

I hope you all got a chance to taste the sunflower microgreens that your children grew as part of their study of seeds. This week we introduced the parts of the flower - all TEN parts (can you name them?) and students got to flex their cursive writing muscles in labeling them. Some children began dissecting and pressing their own flowers and we will continue this over the next few weeks. Ask them about their bunny garden plants. Those seeds have grown at record speed and we will soon have some nice stems to study in more detail, as well as food for the bunnies!

And now for the very long black strip . . . The children enjoyed watching the unrolling, and unrolling, and more unrolling of a strip of ribbon that spanned the entire top yard and down into the lower field. They were amazed to learn that this represented the timespan of earth and one small white square at the very end showed the amount of time that humans have existed. Wonder and humility!

Don't forget that there is no school on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of next week (9/28-30). Thursday and Friday (Oct. 1-2) are half-days. There is no lunch those days and pickup is promptly at noon. We look forward to meeting with you at your conference time on those days. Enjoy a beautiful fall break!

Ms. Erin & Ms. Paula

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