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Men of Change - MS Field Trip

This past week, middle school students had the special opportunity to visit a travelling Smithsonian exhibit, Men of Change. Two museums, the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts + Culture and the Levine of the New South, hosted the exhibit. Six themes highlighted the achievements of Black men both past and present - changemakers, innovators, creators.

In preparation, the students each chose two men and created posters called Bios in Five Words. These were shared with fellow students before visiting the exhibit. This preparatory bit of knowledge definitely helped the students connect with the works.

Each Black man featured had a display explaining how they fit into one of the themes and a piece of art specifically commissioned for the exhibit. Everyone took away fresh perspectives from seeing these influential men portrayed in artistic and unique mediums.

Throughout the month of February and infused through the rest of the year, we will continue reflection on who these changemakers have impacted and how their work affects us in our own communities.

Themes - Fathering/ Storytellers/ Catalysts/ Mythbusters/ Innovators/ Creators

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