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Tales From the Loft...

Hello Dear Readers,

It's been a bit and the world inside Davidson Green School has been spinning with activity!

In English, students completed independent book reports and together we finished the novel, A Long Walk to Water. We read articles connected to clean water and sanitation; they addressed both the Flint, Michigan, crisis and unsafe buildings at a school district in New York. Students prepared diligently for our Socratic discussion, weaving together all of our readings, which challenged them to think deeply about hard questions. They did well, and I look forward to repeating the exercise with them in the future.

Since, students have started small group novels, all revolving around the motif of oceans.

6th - The Last Mapamaker

7th - Daughter of the Deep

8th - Where the World Ends

The novel reading has coincided with our intercession and will continue in earnest at the start of the year.

In History, students studied expansion of civilizations and the Columbian Exchange. In the new year, we will continue this study and delve more deeply into our own indigenous history of the Americas.

All of our work ties into the framework of the UN's SDGs, so far primarily touching on SDGs 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation), 14 (Life Below Water), and 1 (No Poverty). In the new year, we have many engaging activities planned, a guest speaker lined up, and more SDGs to research.

And. Finally. Even though these past three weeks have been spent focused on our play production and the intercession, math and literature have continued. Miss Kim would never let students go long without challenging them and pushing forward on their math curriculum! It's been a busy, busy few weeks! A whirlwind some might say!

Until next time, Happy Fifth Day of Hanukkah (12/12) and may your holiday season be gentle to you and yours in general.



(No photos because they don't want to load. The internet and I have a sturggling relationship with the download images function. We're working through it. Wish us the best!)

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