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Hello Middle School Families!

For the past week or so, we have been busy covering a myriad of projects and topics in preparation for upcoming events.


Students narrowed down our Extended Learning Field Trip to five locations and then prepared information, including cost, accommodations, and activities. While the five students that prepared trip plans all put in exemplary time and effort, we can only take one trip.......

All five students that prepared and presented potential trips will receive extra credit for their efforts. Great job, all!

Our next steps are to begin fundraising in earnest as we make plans and focus budgeting for our initial large expenses. Please be on the lookout for upcoming announcements regarding the BAKE SALE, which will be held in conjunction with the DGS Variety Show on October 21, 2022.


With the Variety Show approaching, we took time to plan out our middle school offering. Since it's a surprise, I will give no additional clues; Mr. Ed is guiding them through their progress. We cannot wait to show off to the parents!


As all are aware, middle school English will create an assemblage piece for the art auction on November 4th. Last week students brainstormed design ideas both in art class and for homework. This week we voted on the best design to meet our parameters, and we have a winner! It's a secret, though, so please plan to join us at the auction for the unveiling of our group work of art ....

What could we possibly design from a bunch of bottle caps and broken down toys???

In HISTORY we continued our study of Early Man by discussing how experts in different disciplines may approach historical events and evidence from unique perspectives. We practiced thinking as artists, economists, anthropologists, historians, and archaeologists by examining our own "ancient" artifacts. Students will take their first quiz over terms and basic information that they have studied so far.

In ENGLISH we are in the middle of our novel studies. Each small group is reading several chapters weekly, and students each have responsibility to prepare a focus area. Their jobs include the summarizer, discussion director, word wizard, illustrator, literary elements part one, and literary elements part two. We will continue sharing jobs and using our reading circles to discuss the weekly reading. After we complete the novels, each group will dive deeper into the themes, symbolism, and connections we may find through the stories.

Additionally, students were introduced to diagramming sentences and took a quiz over the introductory skills needed. Every single student aced it! We will continue to add increasingly complex pieces to our sentences, building with parts of speech and using these skills to eventually improve our writing.

Next week we head off to the mountains for our fall camping trip! Please be sure to check the emails Miss Kathleen sends with detailed information and packing instructions.



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