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Middle School Climbing Trip

Only the most masterful artists can capture the nuances and feelings of a precious moment in time. Over our three-day adventure, we had so many moments of uncapturable beauty. 

The beauty of:

  • Genuine kindness

  • Supporting each other in community

  • Growing and stretching one's self  

  • Being vulnerable

  • Being childlike and playful

  • Experiencing the wonder of the natural world


So few young people ever come close to experiencing this level of community, belonging, and beauty. To Be themselves fully–this is their most important and precious work. 

Society creeps in all too swiftly and covertly–informing young people who they should be, act, value, and what they should like. Many lose themselves before they get a chance to discover who they really are.

We know that the middle school years are among the most formative for growth and development. That there is truly a race to nowhere except the journey of self-discovery, inner peace, and being a positive contributing member of society. It is such an honor to be part of their growth and development.

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