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Middle School Engineering Wk 3

We had a fun (albeit abbreviated) week upstairs with the middle school. The 7th and 8th graders prepared some nice air pressure demonstrations, and we dove into some of the key concepts and principles which affect global and local wind systems, including a new lab on the uneven heating of soil and water. We are also deep into our kite project, and the students are making great progress. The plan is to continue testing and building next week with a tentative due date of Friday 9/13. We will have another in-class work day on Wednesday and an open-note quiz on air pressure and wind on Thursday. We have had several students out with illness this week. If you are out sick but up to doing some work, be sure to check the Google Classroom so as to make your return as easy as possible. Olivia prepared a great MasterClass for us on her experiences with abstract photography! Next week we will hear from Zachary.

Thanks and have a great weekend! Ed Haponik

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