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MS Sci & Engineering - Week 3

Hey everyone,

We continue rolling along in middle school Science & Engineering. This week we wrapped up our initial unit on hydrology (and the scientific method) with one final lab on density and buoyancy. We also had some fun with dry ice, briefly observing its “triple point” (as a solid, liquid, and gas all at the same time) before watching it explode.

At the end of the week, we took our first of many “checkpoint” quizzes this year. Since our school emphasizes mastery rather than completion, students are highly encouraged to revisit their assignments and evaluations, both for additional credit and (more importantly) deeper, more thorough understanding of the content.

We also had some fun building towers using 25 dry spaghetti sticks and 36in of tape to support a ping pong ball.

And lastly, Fallon treated us to a terrific masterclass on one of her passions and talents - photography. It was inspiring to see how she considers her subjects and what goes into capturing them!

Next week is sure to have its “ups and downs”. I’m pretty excited for it. More info Monday. ;)

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