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MS Science & Engineering 10/03

Hope you all had a great break! It was wonderful to get to see all of our Middle School parents for our conferences this week. While we have not been in school for long at this point, the students have accomplished a great deal and have made great strides in developing the routines and procedures we will use moving forward.

We have had a great time diving into our “yo-yo physics” unit. Over the course of this unit, students have been using yo-yo’s to demonstrate and interpret Newton’s Laws of Motion and Universal Gravitation, as well as understand some key physics terminology. We completed our class “Sleeper Contest” and crowned Julian Boggiano and Zachary Tannenbaum our class sleeper champs. We will take the next 2 weeks to discuss angular momentum, rotation, and pendulums before wrapping things up with our quiz. After demonstrating their physics proficiency, the class yo-yo’s are the students’ to keep!

Around the corner will be our first major engineering challenge of the year - the “Toothpick Bridge” project! So if you happen to see a great deal on either toothpicks or hot glue, maybe snap some up as those tend to be the key commodities once we get going.

Julian treated us to a great masterclass on the topic of one of his key interests, AirSoft. Alex will have the floor for our next MC this Friday.

The weather is getting delightfully cool, and we will continue to be outside as much as possible, so please dress in layers!

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