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MS Science & Engineering 3/18

The hits keep comin' in MS Science & Engineering.

First off, I want to congratulate everyone for their hard work and success in this year's Problem Solved Expo. We had a diverse and interesting set of experiments and projects, and I thought the kids did a great job of sharing their results with our community. Thanks also to all of our parents and friends who visited the school and asked such great questions,  causing our crew to really think deeply about their process.

We're in the midst of several physics-related projects currently. Today in class, we will finish presenting and testing our paper airplane projects. The kids have been learning about the physics of lift, flight, and aerodynamics, and we have already tested some very successful paper plane designs. They were asked to focus on linear distance, time aloft, or both as they developed airplanes making use of the principles we've been studying.

On Friday, we began distributing our class set of yo-yos for our Yo-Yo Physics unit. Over the next several weeks, the kids will be learning the basics of how to throw a yo-yo and perform tricks, but REALLY they're going to be focusing on the kinematics and physical laws concerning spinning/rotating objects. This will push us further into Newtonian physics and the use of formulas, PLUS it should be a lot of fun!

As I'm sure you are aware, we have been faced with some changes to our campus this month. We are losing several of our oldest, most beloved trees, and much of our "upper field" play-space. Please support your kiddos during this time. Change like this is hard, especially when you're a school which touts the importance of trees and sustainability in general, and some of our MS'ers have sat and played under those trees since they were very young.

Wishing you all the best as we head into spring!

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