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MS Science & Engineering 8/27

Getting to know youuuuuuuu...

Getting to know all abouuuuuut youuuuuu...

Actually, most of you I already know pretty well, but this first week was all about getting to know our new DGS middle school CLASS, and it has been truly wonderful.

The first week of school is always rooted in procedure, but unlike many schools where we're discussing the procedure for disseminating worksheets, at DGS the routines are a bit more... organic. The middle school has spent much of the first week learning about EACH OTHER and navigating our slightly adjusted environment around the cabin. This process culminated in our retreat this morning at Lake Norman where we played games, engaged in some thought-provoking discussion, and swam, kayaked, and paddle-boarded in the lake.

In terms of academics, we have been acclimating to the type of work we usually see in science and engineering. We outlined the scientific method and conducted our first lab of the year involving how salt and vinegar react to yield hydrochloric acid (which can remove the copper oxide from a penny). We tackled a partnered construction challenge in the woods in which groups had to use natural materials to balance a pair of stones as high and far apart as they could. And we read & discussed an article on the science of the world's "blackest" substance and whether a color can be exclusively owned/controlled.

All in all, it has been a terrific week, and I am so thrilled to get to hang out and learn with your amazing kids again! Have an awesome weekend!

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