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MS Science & Engineering: 9/23

Happy Friday everyone (and happy belated equinox)!

We had a fun, productive week in MS, albeit with a large number of our kids out battling colds and what-not. We are well into our unit exploring wind, weather, and atmosphere, and our Kite Project is reaching conclusion.

Though we had hoped to take a sojourn to McEver baseball fields today to demonstrate our projects' soaring abilities, we delayed until Monday to give those who'd been out sick the weekend to use as needed. (We will also test later in the week for any who are unable to make it on Monday.) The kites have been constructed and refined during class, and they are coming along great!

The student received their first quiz of the year (yikes, GRADES!) and made corrections as needed. We also took some time to read about the composition and structure of earth's atmosphere. Did YOU know that in the thermosphere, the temperature is incredibly high (1000+˚C), because particles are moving with such intense energy, BUT because there is such a low concentration of those particles, the actual heat experienced there is very low? Weird, right?

Today, we made crafty bookmarks which break down these striated atmospheric layers by altitude, temperature, and curious facts. The students had a vested interest in this process, as they are free to use these on our unit test coming up in two weeks.

High fives to Connor who gave us a compelling breakdown of the objectives and strategies concerning one of his favorite video games, Stormworks.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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