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Name That Tune * Correct, Humpback Whale Song (UE Mornings)

UE has continued to explore making connections. As we read along in Song for a Whale, we also listened to actual whale songs. They evoke such strong emotions without saying a word. In our story, the main character connects with the vibrations of music and sound. We listened to instrumental music from around the world and reflected, "How does it make us feel?". We had a discussion about how we communicate with our body language, tone of voice, our eyes... Everyone took a turn covering their face, with the exception of their eyes. The rest of us would guess the feeling they were trying to convey.

In practical life we are continuing to use our planners. This is a great tool to organize work responsibilities and events. Everyone has now had a complete laundry lesson of wash, dry (check lint filter) and fold. We are taking care of our environment including plants, floor sweep and mop, and new kitchen organization.

Math lessons are in full swing: operations, fractions, numeration, story problems

In language arts, I am learning about our new readers and giving lessons in sentence analysis which diagrams the function of words in sentences and how they connect. We used a news article to practice note-taking using a graphic organizer and then develop that into a cohesive summary.

Our UE community is still forming. We had fun with snack challenge, trying to sit with a new friend each day. We played Ultimate Being, a silly movement game of evolution. To end our week, we had a circle of warm fuzzies. Each person passed a kind sentiment to the person sitting next to them in the circle until we made it all the way around. I'm always amazed. Sure, we hear the expected things such as acknowledging someone as a good friend or for being nice. However, it goes beyond that too. "Thank you for inviting me to sit together at lunch. I liked your ideas.... Thank you for being a friend who includes me and accepts me for me."

Fingers crossed for good weather so that we can see all of you at the DGS Family Social this Sunday.

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