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Primary, week of 9/3

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

When I look around at the children and see how they are playing together and look at the works they are choosing, it is absolutely amazing that this is only their third week of school!!!

This week we played some fun games during circle time with clues to words that begin with particular sounds, they had lots of fun with this and despite some of the clues being tricky, they did really well. Playing games at home with them helping them to recognize sounds at the beginning of words can be fun. We also had music on circle introducing different rhythms for the children to follow and they aced it! Kindergarten are settling into their longer day and are working hard.

We will be taking our first field trip on Thursday September 26th, mark your calendars, we will be going to Carrigan Farms, apple picking. This is a great field trip to begin our year, and also for the parents to get together and get to know each other. Our second field trip will be on Thursday October 24th to Triple Diamond Farm in Mooresville.

The Montessori Silence Game is played in Montessori classrooms to help the children develop a higher level of self-discipline. Children enjoy the peace this game affords them but it takes a lot of preparation. We help them prepare for this game by taking time each day to speak with them quietly, introducing the idea of 'quiet' to them and then giving them an opportunity to become quiet. If they speak in a loud voice, we make our voice quieter (we encourage you to try this at home). We are showing them how to be still and listen to the silence. We are trying to help them gain an understanding of how their movements and their voice can make or break the silence. This helps them learn to control their movements and voice and understand how it impacts everyone in their environment. We will continue to help the children with silence game preparation exercises and as our class becomes normalized they will be successful.

Just a little insight into what we do and why we do it!

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