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Primary week of 9/9

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Some of the pictures this week reflect work that the children do when they are learning how to write. We have the children first trace the sandpaper letter, then trace it in sand/rice, the next step is to write the letter on a chalkboard to continue the sensory experience and then use a dry erase marker and board, eventually leading them to pencil and paper.

Sometimes we have them try making letters with putty for fun and a different experience. Other fun ways are to have them trace them in shaving cream, in the dirt, with cornmeal etc. Using different strengths of putty, help strengthen their hands. Many of the practical life works help strengthen their fingers such as spooning, tonging as do many of the sensorial works such as the knobbless cylinders. We focus on correct letter formation moving from left to right and top to bottom, indirectly preparing them for reading and writing.

The children are enjoying all of the opportunities they are afforded at DGS such as music, sustainability, spanish, drama and yoga. Kindergarten are also enjoying engineering.

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