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Spring has sprung!

We officially welcomed spring this week and it certainly felt like it by the end of the week. All kinds of changes are happening around us and we are even lucky enough to have a bird make her nest in the eaves in our porch. You can imagine the delight of the children as they watch the antics of the bird popping in and out of her nest. What a great learning experience.

We are learning about amphibians in between practicing for the Literary Tea (next week) and the play in a few short weeks! The children are so excited about both of these upcoming events and are enjoying these learning experiences as part of their Language Arts.

Our grow tower is now in full motion on our porch thanks to Ms. Paula. We are growing lettuces, spring onions, and herbs. It is pretty amazing to watch how this system works and it sounds so lovely on the porch.

We continue to have the stomach virus, a cold/congestion virus and pink eye circle through our group and we continue to encourage hand washing and sanitizer use but it seems that we are destined to build up our immune systems through exposure :) We have had several children out each day this week and it even managed to take me out for a couple of days.

Spring time arrives and as usual we head to Fisher Farm. This is an amazing trip. Expect the children to be very tired afterwards as we will do a lot of walking! With Ms. Kathleen as our guide the children learn so much about what grows in the wild and what the functions of these plants are.

If you have not yet filled out the permission slip please do so at your convenience. Also, if your child needs a ride, feel free to contact each other to arrange that, car seats and a place to meet. We will not come to school before the trip to Fisher Farm, we will meet there.

I hope everyone gets a good opportunity to enjoy the weather this weekend and also get some rest too.

The Primary Team

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