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The ability to sustain. Kinda nifty how you can pull one definition right out of the word itself!

What does sustainability mean to you? Ask your children what it means to them. 😉 This week we shared definitions and reflections to remind ourselves of why we devote class time to its exploration and study.

But even better than defining the word is seeing it come to life in the very fabric of Davidson Green School. Sustainability is one of the 5 core themes of our school*, and I'm honored to be your children's guide this year for this special class. But like all our core themes, it's more than a subject of study, it's a value that weaves throughout the entire day. From drop off (we're taking your compostables!), to caring for our classroom materials, to reusing & recycling, to growing food aquaponically (stay tuned), and caring for animals, we are learning through action.

Loads of gratitude go to Kathleen for building such a strong program and creating space for innovation. Game on!

Enjoy a few action shots from this week's review of composting and animal care.



* 5 core themes: Fostering Peace, Sustainability and Innovation, Freedom within Structure, Social-Emotional Learning, Global Citizenship

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