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Sustainability at a Glance

Many of you have heard the quote, "Life is too short, eat dessert first." You might have seen it on the whiteboard during drop-off and pick-up times. Last week in Sustainability, we took our classes down to the creek, where Upper Elementary decided to coin a new version: "Life is too short, play in the mud first." And that's exactly what they did. Each class embraced the mud, the mess, and the insects, filling the space with laughter, joy, and adventure.

Our class focused on play and exploration without a set goal, allowing the children to do what they do best: explore.

Many students discovered interesting plants, others found salamanders, some challenged themselves on the rope swing, and plenty created games with the mud and clay. But above all, they had fun.

Sometimes I wonder if they've grasped the "goal" of a lesson or remember what we've discussed. Then, weeks later, I see them showing a friend a unique detail we talked about in class or identifying a plant. These moments remind me that learning isn't just about specific lessons or objectives; it's about connection.

And as I reflect on my first year here at DGS, I realize how much I've learned. I've failed and tried again and when I think about the times I've learned the most, it's when I've felt a genuine connection to something. So this week, when the students thought they had a "free day," they were actually fostering connections—to nature, to peers, and to themselves.

As we wrap up this year, I feel immense gratitude for the students, you parents, the staff, and DGS as a whole. I hope you all have a summer full of love, laughter, and adventure, as well as rest, relaxation, and peace.

I can't wait to see you all back here in August.

-Ms. Emily

Please enjoy this picture that I was asked to include in the blog post...

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