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Upper El (4/19-23): S'mores!

A lot happened this week! Students finished their Historical Fiction short stories, we finally got to cook in our solar ovens, introduced our final engineering project, and finished our unit on Thermal Energy! Phew!

On Monday, we explored thermal and radiant energy in the world of engineering. We asked our two, end of unit questions. How could you turn a rod using thermal or radiant energy as a source, and where do we see these energies being used in our world today?

We spoke about wind turbines, microwaves, x-rays and then learned about Geothermal Energy by watching a couple of short videos.

Then, I introduced our final engineering project. It's now our chance to design and build something that can turn a rod, generating electricity, just like we've been exploring all year long.

Tuesday, we cooked in our solar ovens, the temperatures reaching almost 150 degrees! We, of course, enjoyed our S'mores and also made some chef's hats for the occasion as well! Just for some extra fun!

Wednesday, we spent our Science time reviewing our unit on Thermal Energy, and on Thursday, we took a little quiz to explore our understanding further.

In our free time, students worked on their weekly stories and on brainstorming ideas for their engineering project.

Next week, we'll continue with our project and dive into our final unit on electricity and magnetism!




OH! Our Friday ended in an interesting, only-at-DGS fashion, which is why I'm posting on Sunday. Two of our students got stuck in some deep mud in the creek that was like quick sand! It took about thirty minutes, but we made it out, covered in mud, and laughing. Enjoy...

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