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Upper El Sci&Eng First Week!

For our first week back, we put our focus into a few creative projects to get our minds flowing.

Given the simple task to write/draw their name in a creative way, we experienced a few things. First, our Upper El group is so creative and enthusiastic! Second, we spoke about how everyone took the same instructions and did something completely different and unique. Finally, we talked about how we can use this to our advantage this year in science and engineering. When we combine our unique minds and work together, we'll find even more clever and unique solutions.

We then explored a short introduction to the Scientific Method and the basics of running an experiment. Our experiment: which shapes are the strongest for building?

Students learned that triangles and circles, or arches, are much stronger than squares. We also discussed the flaws in the experiment and how we could have made it better. This will be something we talk about with every experiment we do in the future too.

Everyone then had the opportunity to do a free build! Using our paper triangles from our experiment, everyone got to create and build something of their choice.

We finished our week with a practical engineering task to benefit our outdoor classroom and a fun introduction to writing stories.

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