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What has an eye but cannot see?

Ask Kindergarten, they will tell you….a needle! Kindergarten had fun yesterday afternoon learning how to tie knots and thread a needle by themselves. We plan to do quite a lot of sewing this year!

This morning our aloe plant had a broken leaf, so we explored it. The first thing that we found was that in a very short period, the broken piece it had sealed itself. We opened it up to reveal the colorless/odorless gel inside and discussed the healing properties of aloe. The beauty of this plant is that it can aid in healing both humans and plants. It has plant hormones that help stimulate new root growth, aid in seed germination and can ease or prevent transplant shock. Who knew?

We began counting the pop tabs this morning and stopped when we got to 200. We had all taken a guess at how many were in the container and found we were all way off! We discussed the reasons we are collecting them and will continue the count next week.

Ms. Kathleen led the children in song on Tuesday and everyone had such a sweet time together!

We had a great discussion at one of our circle times this week about breathing as we worked on our ‘ha’ breath and how that makes us feel. What kind of things help us to feel peaceful? We discussed many things in nature that are gifted to us such as trees, rivers etc. and it was astounding to hear the different ideas the children had. They are amazingly self-aware for their age and are well on their way to obtaining the appropriate tools. These tools will help them understand what they are feeling and how to deal with those feelings.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy weekend!

The Primary Team

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