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Winding Down 2021

The weeks since Thanksgiving have been full and busy. My dog, Bambina, was with us for a full week while we were having some work done in my house. The children really enjoyed her, and I know she enjoyed them. She will likely be back to visit on occasion!

We have several new works in the room, including the Dreidel game, the Roman Arch, and an amazing new Money Wheel that connects coins with the Montessori Math beads in a really incredible way.

Last week brought our field trip to Hearts on Fiber for making holiday crafts. So much fun!!

We've also been learning a great deal of sign language in class, and our read aloud has been "Song for a Whale" by Lynne Kelly, about a young deaf girl struggling with feelings of isolation and loss. She learns about a Humpback whale who sings at a different pitch than other whales, and as a result, spends his life alone and unheard. She becomes determined to devise a way to communicate with him so that he doesn't feel so alone, and along the way creates some amazing connections for herself. The response of the children as they listen to and make connections with these characters and their story is inspiring. Children are capable of incredible empathy and understanding.

Our final week of 2021 includes a field trip to a Davidson College Womens basketball game and a Pajama day on Friday. I hope everyone has a wonderful and restorative break!

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