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Invest... in a greener future.

Why Donate?

Why donate to DGS?

Davidson Green School is a 501c3 non-profit. 

Our programs are designed to encourage entrepreneurism in our students.  Curriculum that raises money - participation in opportunities such as farmers market and art auctions all help to support the school in small ways. 

For larger efforts we rely on donations from personal donations, local businesses, and grants.  These donations help to fund capital improvements as well as expanding programs and learning opportunities.  

Click on the photos to see some examples of growth and programing through donations:

Constructed in 2015, our geodesic dome is home to our aquaponics, vermiculture and science lab. 

The Geodesic Dome
The Gaga Pit

The gaga pit, a mulitage and free play feature, is a wonderful addition to our playground.

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NYC Field Trip

Donations have allowed students to go on learning adventures beyond what typical fundraising and school fees can cover.​

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The Amphitheater

Constructed in 2018, our woodland amphitheater provides space for outdoor lessons, poetry readings, and performances.

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Ways of giving

Ways of giving...

Donate Money

There are numerous expenses associated with starting programs and running such an amazing place as  Davidson Green School. Donations of all sizes are important and appreciated. While tuition covers our regular operating expenses, your donation contributes to growing Davidson Green School’s programs and unique offerings.

Donate Supplies

Davidson Green School has an on going list of supplies that would enrich our environment and our programs. Items range from new computers and other technology, a learning green house, to outside play equipment. Please contact the school to get an up-to-date list of supplies that are at the top of our wish list.

Donate Time and Expertise

Time is a precious resource. We appreciate any time you are willing to give to DGS by volunteering to help at DGS. We welcome incorporating your passions into DGS. If you love gardening, love to build and fix things, love to tutor, love to lead activities on special topics, love to work with children… we want to hear from you!

Connect your Amazon Account

Connect your Amazon account to DGS through SmileAmazon. Just go to SmileAmazon. It will ask you to link your charity or go to "Your SmileAmazon" under your account to change your charity to DGS. Search for Davidson Green Center and School (our legal name). After that, just be sure you log into Smile Amazon (rather than just Amazon) to give a percentage of every purchase to DGS.

Connect your Harris Teeter Account

Link your Harris Teeter account to DGS. Go to Login or create new account (you will need your HT number off your HT card). Go to "My Account". Scroll down to "Together in Education". Enter 6472 (this is DGS's code). You can also do this in the store by going to the customer service desk and bringing them the code (6472).

Please contact us now to discuss ways you can invest in the Davidson Green School.

Davidson Green School is a Public Charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our tax identification number is 46-2884949.

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