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Why DGS?

Expert Faculty.


More than degrees, certifications, and experiences, our teachers have perfected the ability to create a loving and respectful environment at DGS, so students can take learning risks and build independence – be that through overnight field trips, being out in the world or simply in the classroom.

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Truly hands-on, student driven and rooted in problem-based learning, our kids learn from doing in the classroom, in the community, and in nature.

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Why DGS?

Innovative Learning.


Why DGS?

Mindful Environment.


 We are conscious, deliberate, and thoughtful in all we do.

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I chose your school because there's a lot more learning about life than math and reading. I want my kids to be thinkers, kind, compassionate and aware. I think your school makes a well rounded child. There are 2 things that blow me away about my kids going to your school - the freedom they have to learn allows them to learn at a much higher level than traditional schools, and the kindness and compassion they receive and learn to give to others is worth its weight in gold.

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