*​3 yrs through 8th grade*

*Sustainability Focused*

*Independent School* 

*Small class size*

Welcome to DGS


Our number one priority is to keep our students, their families, and our staff safe.


At DGS we have advantages already in place...

  • We spend lots of time outside! We have outside learning spaces already established and will be enhancing these for increased use next school year. 

  • Even when we are inside, we have lots of windows and doors that can increase the fresh-air flow rather than relying on recirculated air in an institutional building.

  • We are a small community. Our class and our instructional group sizes are even smaller. 

  • Specifically for our middle schoolers, they have a consistent group and are not exposed to hundreds of students in multiple classroom and crowded hallways. 

  • We do not have high-risk, communal areas in the school such as a cafeteria, gym, computer labs, or all-purpose room.

  • Because of our small size, we can make decisions and policies that benefit our unique population and not rely on one-size-fits all decisions made for large schools or districts.

                                            ...and more coming for next school year!

What's buzzin' at DGS?

Give the gift of DGS... and watch your child grow.