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Upper Elementary

For approximately 9-11 year olds (4th - 5th grades)

The Upper Elementary Program is a community of learners and leaders. The mission of this program is to provide a holistic education to all students. This vision is accomplished through an integrated curriculum and daily, practical experiences sensitive to the developmental levels within the age range.

The Upper Elementary curriculum is a bridge to abstract learning. The students are guided to mastery of fundamental skills and basic core knowledge through personal development and self-discovery. Students are actively engaged in the planning and designing of their individual goals and are empowered to follow personal interest and inspiration. Students are also afforded time to create individualized units of study and to engage in individual or collaborative research. Related topics are studied together and connections are emphasized. There is a particular emphasis on science, sustainability, engineering, entrepreneurism, and environmental studies, along with language arts, math, and history.

The program promotes independent thinking and creativity. Students are supported in visual and performing arts. Other valuable life lessons such as how to work and communicate with others, solve conflicts peacefully, teach and lead others, service the community, and having social and personal responsibility are supported, creating a strong and well-rounded learning environment for all. 

The Upper Elementary Program enjoys getting into the community often and using local resources. These students take class walking trips to the Davidson Public Library, to Davidson College, and to downtown Davidson. These students are also able to take monthly field trips to support areas of study, such as to the local news station, to theaters, to museums, to local farms, and periodically on over-night trips.

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