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We are looking for an amazing Lead Teacher to join
Davidson Green School starting August 2021



We are looking for a passionate, energetic, and joyful person who thinks outside-the-box to join our community of learners. Our teachers and assistants must be willing to continually grow, adapt, and change as Davidson Green School does the same. We want community members who are amazingly creative and naturally innovative, and who enjoy contributing peace and love to a community. We also look for people who are builders and creators, and who can create a vision and follow through with the implementation. All employees must have a passion for nature, be able to integrate the nature-based, "green" philosophy of Davidson Green School throughout their curriculum, and enthusiastically embrace being and teaching outdoors. While Covid-19 rates are high, we will continue to do the majority of our teaching outside.

This position is for a Lead Montessori Teacher in a Lower Elementary Class (combined grades 1st, 2nd, and 3rd), including but not limited to guiding students in language arts, social studies, math, science, and integrated/cross-curricular hands-on experiential learning as well as other teacher responsibilities. This position is full-time. We are looking for a teacher who is strong in teaching academics through hands-on learning, projects, and problem-based learning, and ideally, holds a teaching certification in Montessori Education.

If this sounds like you, please

1 – complete the employment application HERE
2 – upload an updated resume
3 – upload a cover letter highlighting
specifically why you are perfect for Davidson Green School, and how you have shown innovation and an ability to create/build

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Children of employees get first priority for admissions and receive a tuition discount.