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Why do Entrepreneurism & Economics matter in today's society?

Learning these skills as children helps ensure not only the students’ personal success but also helps our society by providing a skilled citizenry.

In the program, students use their leadership skills to design and execute entrepreneurial projects. Through these projects students learn about society, industry, supply and demand, resources, scarcity, opportunity cost, trade and exchange, producers and consumers.

The students at DGS study economics through real-world application. They have started their own student business from the resources at our school. They started from the ground-up by first conceptualizing their business mission, choosing a name, designing a logo, and creating a budget. The products they produce are organic worm castings, organic worm tea (garden fertilizer), lavender candles, herbal "boo-boo" balm for cuts and abrasions, and medicinal herb lib balm. They sell their products at the Davidson Farmers Market.


The word, entrepreneur, derives from the French language and translates to ”one who undertakes some task”.   We want our students at DGS to be the “doers” of the world, the movers and shakers, the ones who take the initiative to act.

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