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Time to catch you up on 2023! It's been a super busy month for the adults... Curriculum Night, conference preparation and parent-teacher conferences, several sun celebrations, shifting to all cloth (no more disposables) for handtowels in the bathrooms, Ms. Heidi resuming work on the Master's degree she paused last year to work on Lower Elementary training., several Sun Celebrations... our new year is off to a great start. Here are some of the moments we've captured along the way.

The children enjoyed filling out some self-evaluation forms before conferences.

Multiple Sun Celebraions: Ellie




Quarterly Common Assessments with Ms. Heidi

A couple of lovely presentations

Lots of practical life, art, and music

Of course, there was lots of wonderful work happening all throughout the month

And of course there were some Bambina visits, after someone lodged a complaint that she was "overdue"

Things will not be slowing down in February, even though we will have a break! We have a snake expert coming in this Wednesday for an "in-house" field trip. We have a trip to I-max coming up on the 13th and the Science Fair on the 16th, and we are already prepping for Literary Tea next month. I'll try to stay on top of the blog in the coming weeks! Thanks for your patience!

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