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Lower Elementary News December 2-6

Our week was very busy with many projects underway as we prepare for events coming up over the next few months. We are excited about our weaving pieces for the art auction. They are unique and beautiful. Art is such an important part of our work as it is integrated into many lessons in all areas of the classroom.

Some of our favorite projects during December includes:

sewing gnomes or Tomtens, making gifts for our families, winter wreaths, and a special project for Levine Children's Hospital.

Our work cycles were productive with many lessons in math, creative writing , research, year-long project research, book reports, and many children are writing fiction and non-fiction books. Some are planning their own series of books.

Bird watching is currently a favorite work as we begin Citizen Science cycles. We enjoyed baking Black Bean Brownies and the birds at DGS are enjoyed our pumpkin bird feeder carved from a big pumpkin and filled with birdseed.

Hope everyone enjoyed Christmas in Davidson and beautiful weekend weather. We look forward to another terrific week ahead!

Racks and Tubes/Long Division

Checkerboard Multiplication with Two Divisors

Year Long Project Research

Fraction Box/ Simplifying Fractions

Research on Lions/Facts and Illustrations

Research on Whales

Researching Red Pandas

Researching Together

Practicing Cursive Handwriting

Year Long Project Research

Pythagoras Board

Long Seven Chain/Cubing of Numbers

Book Reports

Reading Group Follow-up Work

Reading Comprehension Follow-up Work

Research on Dogs

Bird Watching and Counting

Research Facts and Illustrations / Labels

Carving a Pumpkin Bird Feeder/Removing Seeds

Getting Seeds Ready to Roast/No Waste and Yummy!

Pumpkin Bird Feeder with Perches

Black Bean Brownies/No Flour Needed

Cracking Fresh Eggs

We have many chores during the week to keep our environment in order. Chores are so important to help children develop independence, responsibility, sense of purpose, autonomy and self-esteem. Everyone contributes to our class community as we work together. They actually enjoy the chores and gladly help with cleanings and organizing materials and supplies. Encouraging your children to do chores at home is important. Hopefully, developing these responsibilities carry over from school to home and home to school.

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