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March classroom work and research, research, research!

One thing about Montessori classrooms is the consistency and dependability that we (adults and children) can all rely on, when all else is chaos around us. There is so much to do and learn... if you blink, you might miss it!

Peep Claira's photo bomb. She's always fun in pictures!

March always begins with Poetry... our poor Shel Silverstein book is... well-loved. To be fair... it was a gift to me, from my grandmother. Early '70's ish. She'd be thrilled it's still in use. She was also an elementary school teacher!

Constructive triangles, and bracelet making

Learning about Neptune

For older students... re-writing their story is a huge project!

Silas is happy to be working with the long division material, racks and tubes!

Famous Paintings continues to be a favorite

Famous Landmarks never gets old

New exploratory geometry work with the blue triangles

We discovered that our Montessori Skyscraper (a giant word study material) was missing it's "States and Capitals" work. These ladies are creating their own!

Stamp Game addition!

Checkerboard Multiplication

Exploring with the Geometry material "Box of Sticks"

August learning more about Saturn

Another priceless Claira photo. These 4 were challenging their brains with a triple-digit long division problem using the Racks and Tubes Material. You know... 5,465,312 ÷ 243... NBD. It doesn't seem like Claira is super confident!

And then, there was research, research, research....

These two discovered that sometimes the best of friends don't make the best of research partners. Ah, lesson learned!

Zoology research is always a favorite.

Silas and Lily researched Jellyfish

August and James researched Platypuses.

Baby Platypus model

Claira and Addie researched Axelotls. Is that even a thing, you ask? So did I. Apparently, it is!

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