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Mindfulness and Focused Attention

This year's starting point for our mindfulness and SEL curriculum was inspired by Johann Hari's new book - Stolen Focus. If you have not had a chance to read this yet, it is worth checking out.

Our ability to be creative, solve problems, connect with others, and take good care of ourselves starts with our ability to focus outwardly or within.

Through play and exploration, we practiced directing our focus using our senses. Attention exercises are also helpful in building awareness of when our attention is elsewhere as we are trying to focus. The skill of noticing where our attention lies is an important first step and foundational to gently redirecting our focus to what/who is in front of us or the task at hand.

Students started to build awareness around what distracts them and began pondering ways to support themselves from getting distracted - such as noise-canceling headphones or music. In addition, we explored ways to break the loop of cycling thoughts and worries through direct focus of our senses, such as a pleasant smell.

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