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Mindfulness: Wintering at DGS

The theme for mindfulness this month is inspired by the season we are in—winter. As a community, we have been welcoming the rhythm of winter—which is slowing down, being more reflective, and restoring—before we rev up again with all the creative energy that comes with spring.

What does this look like at DGS? 

Hibernating animals have inspired meditations of slowing the breath and softening the body—which are tools for our young people to use to relax and restore. In addition, to help soften the body and release stress and tension, students have practiced progressive muscle relaxation. 

Our teachers have brought “wintering” into the classroom through seasonal lessons on nature as well as how they move about their day. In art class, they made mandalas and learned the mindfulness aspects of their creations–which is a lovely wintering practice. As we teach our young people about the wisdom of winter, they will hopefully become adults who understand the importance of rest and restoration.

Happy Wintering!

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