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October School Days

Updated: Jan 14

Matching lower case and capital cursive letters

Racks and tubes for long division

Checkerboard for multiplication of large numbers

Cleaning new chairs

Outdoor play

The "Four Strange Sisters". story that helps children understand and remember the four operations of addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.

Listening to "My Side of the Mountain" read aloud.


Types of triangles

August reviews the decimal system 45 layout

Music with Ms. Kathleen

Fox's sun celebration

August's recreation of a "Woman, Bird, and Star" by Joan Miro

Graded lessons on the "in or out" language lesson on word families

Constructive Triangles

Blossoming cursive handwriting and a beautiful likeness of Bambina

First graders learning to successfully record lessons including beginning and ending times and teacher signatures for each.

Some fantastic illustrations of homophone meanings!

Quokka research

Model of a Quokka

Money work

Feminine and Masculine Nouns

Cheetah research

Matching articles and nouns

Addition Strip Board

Study of "the Root"

Sentence analysis

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